2012 Olympic Ceremonies

In 2012 I was asked to work on the opening and closing ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympics. I was responsible for creating several massive 10,000-pixel animations that ran around the stadium on the world’s largest-ever screen! It was such an amazing event to be involved in.


Client: LOCOG
Production company: Crystal CG International
Content creative lead and art direction: Kate Dawkins
Senior producer opening: Liberty Dakin
Senior producer closing: Tom Lowndes
Senior technical producer: Andrew McKenna
Production assistants: Giles Maunsell and
 Zsuzsanna Voros
Animation team opening: Al Lidell, Nicol Scott, Neil Evan, Andrew Gooch, Joe Winston, Liam Corner, Daniel Balzer, Richard Thompson, Jamie Shiels, and Robert Grieves
Animation team closing: Pete Mellor, Martin Stacey, Neil Evan, Giedre Domzaite, Catherine Woodhouse, Mark Lindner, Chris Ratcliffe, and Jamie Shiels
Technical and design assistant: Henry Flitton
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