I’ve always felt separated from other realms of consciousness by the thinnest of veils. This meant as a kid I was labelled “imaginative”, and as a teenager “weird/different/thinks a lot”. Although I was doing my best Jim Morrison impression by pretending (most of the time) to be stoned and quoting Nietzsche and Baudelaire, so I do accept some of the responsibility for that one.

But as I got older I started to think that maybe there was no greater meaning or purpose. Maybe life was pointless. I became numb, disconnected from joy, and started to watch life from the sidelines.

It wasn’t until I started to explore Psychedelics that I was finally able to look behind the curtain. I saw that we are all one unified consciousness creating reality for our own enjoyment. That life is a succession of magic tricks we’re performing to ourselves to make us smile.

I’d always thought my goal was to transcend to a higher plane. But it turned out all I had to do was help myself and others enjoy this one. 

Simple. But this wasn’t a magic wand that solved all my problems. So I went back to ask, again. And again. And every time I got the same answer:

“I told you last time, you’re supposed to be back there enjoying yourself.”

Now, I know there’s only so many times you can ask someone something before they lose their patience (even if they are the grand unified consciousness of the universe) so I had to stop looking for the loophole that meant I could go straight to enlightenment and figure out how to use this knowledge in my life.

I went to therapy, started to Meditate and practice Yoga. These tools have given me a path to follow, a way to stay connected to joy and integrate what I’ve learnt into my life. 

Now it’s my mission to help others find deeper meaning and purpose in their lives, by amplifying the message of Health & Wellness brands through engaging and entertaining content. I believe the power to change the world is in our hands. The only limit is our imagination.

Since beginning this journey, I’ve had the privilege of working with some genuine heroes including Gabor Maté, Alain de Botton and Robin Carhart-Harris.

When I’m not working, most of my time is spent pretending to be a dinosaur/lion/bear with my son, who reminds me every day of the amazing magic tricks life has to offer.

A few career highlights:

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