About me

I grew up in a pretty rough suburb of London and being a sensitive kid I quickly learnt how to cut myself off from negative emotions. Being numb was my superpower. I also had the feeling of being connected to something mystical that other people didn’t seem to care about. I spent most of my teenage years obsessed with The Doors and The Beatles, and they sparked my interest in Meditation, Eastern Philosophy and Psychedelia.

A positive side effect of my “superpower” was my emotions started to channel their way out through creativity, which pushed me to learn how to express myself through art. I went to art college and then began a career in the creative industries doing something I loved.

And from the outside, everything seemed to be going well. But inside I’d never felt more lost. It was at this point that I first encountered psychedelics. I experienced a glimpse of how life could be without blocking my emotions and the feelings of connection from my childhood came flooding back. It was life-changing, but I knew psychedelics alone couldn’t be the answer, they were only the clue to where I should look.

So I began therapy and to practice meditation and yoga. With these tools, I’m slowly rebuilding a connection to myself and the universe. Being numb made me search for meaning to fill the emptiness I felt, but now I’m connected I feel joy in the little moments of life unfolding in front of me. I’ve found a path to follow after being completely lost in the dark.

And now I want to bring this more into my life, by integrating it with my work. For the past 20 years I’ve worked in the animation industry helping big brands get their message heard, but what I’m passionate about is using my skills in visual communication to raise awareness of the positive impact yoga, meditation, and good mental wellbeing can have on people’s lives.

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