About me

Growing up as a sensitive kid in a stressful environment, I quickly learnt to cut myself off from negative emotions. Being numb was my superpower. Because of this, I had no grounding and often felt I could be blown away in a breeze. 

I spent a lot of the next 25 years searching for “The Meaning of Life”, which eventually led me to psychedelics. Under their effects, I experienced a glimpse of how life could be and realised that what I was searching for, was a connection to myself. I knew psychedelics alone couldn’t solve this, but they’d given me a valuable clue to where I should look.

So I began therapy and to practice meditation and yoga. With these tools, I’m slowly rebuilding a connection to myself and the universe. I’ve found a path to follow after being completely lost in the dark.

One positive side effect of my “superpower” was from an early age I learnt to channel ideas and emotions through creativity, which has led to a 20-year career in the creative industries helping big brands bring their ideas to life and get their message heard. I’m now working on integrating my skills in visual communication with my passion for yoga, meditation, and good mental wellbeing, to help raise awareness of the impact it can have on people’s lives.

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