About me

Growing up as a sensitive kid in the 80’s I quickly got the message that life would be easier without my feelings. I didn’t realise that by cutting myself off from them I was disconnecting myself from a massive part of life. I felt safer but empty. I filled the emptiness with a fascination in metaphysics and spent most of my teenage years trying to be Jim Morrison, who sparked my interest in Meditation, Eastern Philosophy and Psychedelia. My feelings also began to find other ways out through creativity, which unconsciously motivated me to learn and become skilled at expressing myself through visual language. 

But the older I got the more numb and lost I became without my feelings to guide me. Until, in my late 20’s, I first experienced Psilocybin, and it all came flooding back. I realised what I’d been missing for so long. But, I knew that route couldn’t be the answer, it was only the clue for where I should look. So I sold up and went travelling in the hope that I would find some answers. The only answer I got was I wanted more from life than sitting on a beach.

So I came home. The glimpse of life that Psilocybin had shown me pushed me to start therapy and to begin practising meditation and yoga. Slowly over time, I began to notice my feelings returning and I didn’t feel so empty or numb anymore. I stopped searching for meaning and started to experience joy in the little moments of life unfolding in front of me. In yoga and meditation, I’ve found a path to follow to rebuild and strengthen the connection to myself and the world after I was completely lost in the dark.

And now I want to bring that more into my life, by integrating it with my work. For the past 20 years I’ve worked in the animation industry helping big brands get their message heard, but really what I’m passionate about is using my skills in visual communication to raise awareness of the positive impact yoga, meditation, and good mental wellbeing can have on people’s lives.

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