I help Innovate Wellness Brands reach the audience they need to change the world.

Do you struggle to reach people, stand out, or be understood?
I know how you feel.

Growing up, I was the youngest in my family.
I felt invisible; like what I had to say wasn’t important.
So I dedicated my life to helping people explain and express their ideas because I believe everyone deserves to be

seen, heard and understood.

With over 20 years in the creative industry, I’ve worked with brands including Netflix and BBC, as well as creating animations for award-winning commercials and events, including the London Olympic Ceremonies with a global audience of one billion, and racked up over 10 million views on Youtube for The School of Life, increasing their engagement by 300%.

I use this knowledge to translate your ideas into concise and entertaining stories that people enjoy, understand, engage with, and share, which has a measurable impact on the success of your business.

“We’ve always had a good experience working with Martin. He’s a great creative collaborator. Even with subject matter that can be somewhat dry and heavy, he’s great at coming up with solutions. He’s clear and honest about what is and isn’t possible in the budget. We would sing his praises to strangers!”

– Anissa Richmond, Executive Producer, Netflix

Here’s a taster of what I could do for you.

If you’re looking to change the world without selling your soul, then answer these quick questions so we can jump on a call and take your engagement to the next level.

Why Animation?

If an image is worth a thousand words, just think what animation can do.

Here are some ways that using it would benefit your business:

Animation engages and entertains your audience like nothing else. Using animation increases everything from search engine rankings to conversion rates (up by 80%).

Animation grabs peoples attention and they are far more likely to view and share animated content on social media.

You’re limited only by your imagination, which enables you to make work which catches your audience’s attention and creates a lasting impression.

Animation can express complicated or abstract concepts in simple and easily digestible ways.

Using animation shows off your business in the best possible way, creating a voice which is unique and on-brand.

Animation is more cost-effective than traditional film, and is more easily updated as your business changes and grows.

And here are some ways that you could use animation in your business:

Explainer Videos


Social Media Content

Internal Training/Communications

Bid Films

Events or Conference Videos

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing people for some awesome clients including:

“Martin is very insightful, thoughtful and goes without saying, a brilliant animator.”

– Andrew Pendrill, CEO, Mydelica

Hi, I’m Martin

I’ve always been driven by a search for greater truth, meaning and purpose. It wasn’t until I started to explore Psychedelics, Meditation and Yoga that I found the deeper spiritual connection I’d been looking for. These tools have given me a path to follow to stay connected to joy in my life.

Now it’s my mission to help people find deeper meaning and purpose in their lives, by amplifying the message of Health & Wellness brands through engaging and entertaining content.

I believe the power to change the world is in our hands. The only limit is our imagination.

Martin created a beautiful animation for us. The team were very happy and couldn’t believe what had been achieved in such a short time. It was a pleasure to work with him and the process went very smoothly and efficiently.

– Nina Ludgate, Executive Digital Producer, Rapiergroup


What is the process?

Firstly we’d have a quick chat for me to find out a little more about you and what you are ultimately trying to achieve. If you’re going to spend your valuable time, energy and money with me, then I’m going to make sure you get the outcome you need.
Next, I would generate some initial ideas, rough sketches, and reference material and then chat through this with you to make sure we are on the right track.
After agreeing on how to proceed I would normally create an animatic, which is a rough draft of the animation, made with simple sketches timed to a temporary soundtrack or voiceover.
Once this is signed off we move onto creating the final artwork and then onto final animation and delivery.

How long does it take?

This would depend on the budget and scope of the project, but a typical turnaround is 12 weeks.

How do revisions and feedback work?

The key to successful relationships is communication, so you’ll get plenty of opportunities to make sure you get the animation you want. I offer unlimited revisions between the project start and end date. If I think a revision will affect the end date, I’ll let you know and you can decide if you want to adjust the budget accordingly.

If you’re looking to change the world without selling your soul, then answer these quick questions so we can jump on a call and take your engagement to the next level.